SBHF upholds a strong commitment to transparency and accountability for the funds that are entrusted to us by individuals and organizations. For information on our activities and successes from past years, please browse through our archive of annual reports--and continue reading to find SBHF's audited financial statements for the past 5+ years.

Latest Annual Report

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2015 was a year of enormous growth for SBHF. With the opening of the new Maternal & Neonatal Health Center and the start of a permanent surgical program, we have truly become a leading force for health care in Haiti. As we improve health and access to care we are seeing a stronger, more resilient, more empowered community growing around the hospital. From children in Fond-des-Blancs who are able to attend school because their families have the means to send them, to mothers in the most remote villages who are living longer, healthier, and happier--our work is strenthening the very fabric of our community.

Our 2015 Annual Report is based around our vision of a resilient, healthy community, and the five values that lead our work: Equity, Determination, Collaboration, Transparency, and Data-Driven decision-making. We live these values daily in our work, and we hope the stories in this report help give you a sense of how they make SBHF uniquely effective.

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Financial Statements

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SBHF is committed to operating in a manner that puts all money raised to the best possible use in providing high quality care to our patients.

A full 87¢ of every dollar raised goes directly to providing essential healthcare and other services in Haiti.

For the past ten years we have received Charity Navigator’s highest possible rating, in recognition of our commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency.

View SBHF's full audited 2015 Financial Statement.

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