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On September 5th, SBHF will become Health Equity International! Read the full announcement here

Ms. Yankick training a group about community health

Community Health

SBHF's network of 90 Community Health workers helps provide a solid link between the hospital and the communities we serve. Working closely with Community Health Nurses and doctors based at St. Boniface, the Community Health Workers ensure that their neighbors have access to medical care when they need it.

The Community Health team is critical to SBHF's hub-and-spoke model of healthcare, bringing care to the most remote communities in the Fond-des-Blancs region, and creating strong bonds between those communities and the hospital.

Our 90 Community Health workers are each part of the communities they serve, many having grown up and lived there their entire lives. That means that when a local resident is sick, the Community Health worker is often the first person they turn to for advice and help. CHWs can provide basic care, and communicate with the hospital to decide when a patient might need more intensive treatment.

The hospital-based Community Health team is made up of experienced nurses and doctors who go out into the surrounding communities every day to conduct vaccination clinics, check-ups and nutrition screenings for children, and provide basic primary and preventative care. They also work with the Maternal & Neonatal Health Center staff to vaccinate every baby born at St. Boniface, and start them on the path to good health for life.

By being a regular part of the everyday lives of our neighbors, the Community Health team is improving health and wellness for the entire region.

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Ambulance driving along tiburon river

Hurricane Matthew Response

Hurricane Matthew devastated Southern Haiti in October 2016. SBHF is mobilized to help the region recover.

Tiburon CHW trainee team

Our Work in Action

News Archive

Smiles after HPV vaccination

HPV Vaccination Campaign Round One Wraps Up

March 19, 2018

Two weeks, 2,500 girls vaccinated against HPV.

Girl smiles after getting her HPV vaccination shot

First-Ever HPV Vaccination Campaign in southern Haiti

March 8, 2018

SBHF is piloting the program to prevent HPV and cervical cancer for several thousand girls.

Community Health Worker graduates start the celebration

New Community Health Workers Graduate

February 5, 2018

The 26 new CHWs will serve their home communities that were badly damaged during Hurricane Matthew.