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Infectious Disease

From cholera to tuberculosis, and typhoid to HIV, St. Boniface combats the spread and devastation of infectious diseases.

Because of the lack of healthcare infrastucutre and access to preventative services, people in rural Haiti suffer from many infectious diseases that the rest of the world no longer worries about. These diseases of poverty, like cholera, diptheria, and typhoid, attack indiscriminately, and outbreaks can spread quickly. Thanks to SBHF's capacity to treat, trace, and prevent infectious diseases, people in our region have a much better chance at living a healthy life. 

In 2017 we are beginning a new phase of infectious disease treatment at St. Boniface Hospital, with the construction of a dedicated Infectious Disease Containment Unit (IDCU). This new building will provide space for patients being treated for diseases like tuburculosis and cholera-two of the most virulent infectious diseases in rural Haiti-to be cared for in comfort and safety, isolated from other patients to avoid contagion. The IDCU will expand our capacity to treat these diseases, and improve our pateints' safety and ability to get well. 

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The HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention program at St. Boniface Hospital was one of the first HIV/AIDS testing and treatment programs on Haiti’s Southern Peninsula.

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Cholera was first introduced into Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake, and the pandemic continues to worsen after additional natural disasters. Our strategy’s proven success combats these challenges through treatment and prevention.

Renelson with his mother and SBHF President/CEO Conor Shapiro at an event honoring the Kellogg Foundation's contributions in Fond des Blancs

Our Work in Action