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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical technology is imperative in the needs of a fully functioning hospital. Nearly 80% of medical equipment in low-income countries are donated, and the majority of the time the instruments don’t work and hospitals do not have the technicians to fix them.

Without working medical equipment, doctors, nurses, and lab technicians cannot do their jobs, and our patients cannot recieve the care they need. In 2016, SBHF took a huge step forward in solving the chronic problem of broken and malfunctioning medical equpment in Haiti with the beginning of our Biomedical Engineering Technician Program, now known as the REPARE Program.

Chief Biomedical Engineering Technician at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Tom Monaghan relocated to Haiti for two years to help get the program off the ground. In his first few months he was able to repair all of St. Boniface's malfunctioning biomedical equipment, and create a process for maintaining it so it doesn't breakdown as often in the future. In late 2016 the first Biomed Trainee joined the St. Boniface team, working with Tom to learn new skills and eventually be the founding member of a new generation of Haitian Biomedical Technicians.

The REPARE Program is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and is in a partnership with the GE Foundation and WK Kellogg Foundation. Over time it will fill the gap in highly-skilled local biomed techs, and solve the problem of non-functioning medical equipment in Haiti.

Maradonna Pierre works in the biomed shop

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