SBHF is getting a new name!

On September 5th, SBHF will become Health Equity International! Read the full announcement here

Kay gran moun

Kay Gran Moun

SBHF operates a welcoming home for the elderly where room and board are provided to 14 of the most vulnerable elderly persons within the greater Fond-des-Blancs area.

Kay gran moun resident

Residents at Kay Gran Moun do not have family who can care for them, and are unable to live on their own. Many do not have records of their birth, but can tell you they were born around the time when the US Occupation of Haiti ended, making them over 80 years old. They live in rooms with one or two other residents, and team of local women and men serve as their caretakers. Doctors and nurses from the hospital visit once a week to provide routine check-ups and care.