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expectant mother at the MNH center

Maternal Health

In a region where three-quarters of women give birth at home without the benefit of a skilled birth attendant, SBHF places a high priority on increasing access to obstetric care.

In 2016 over 2,000 women delivered their babies at St. Boniface Hospital, with an additional 150 deliveries at SBHF's small clinic in the mountain town of Villa. Thanks to skilled midwives, nurses and obstetricians, over 99% of women deliver safely and are able to go home with their new babies soon after birth.

Giving birth can be extremely dangerous in Haiti, which currently has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the western hemisphere. Through word of mouth, women know that St. Boniface is a safe, compassionate place to deliver their babies. Many mothers come from far outside of our immediate area in search of this care, often making long, grueling journeys while in labor to arrive at the hosptial by car, motorbike, horse, or foot. Because the journey can be so arduous, SBHF runs Kay Fam Ansent, a temporary home for expectant mothers who have high-risk pregnancies. Women who need to have quick access to the hospital are offered a place there for the weeks or months before their babies are due to arrive, ensuring they can get the care they need.

In an effort to improve maternal healthcare throughout the region, SBHF has been identified by the Haitian Ministry of Health and USAID as one of three National Training Centers for Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health. Our MNCH staff conducts trainings and site visits for 12 health facilities across southern Haiti, working to improve skills and capacity so that mothers who cannot make it to St. Boniface can still recieve quality birthing care. 

Belvie Eglise at Kay Fanm Ansent

Our Work in Action