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Residency Programs

Haiti has a severe lack of medical training programs. St. Boniface Hospital is one of the primary sites for doctors who have completed their medical schooling to gain on-the-job training.

St. Boniface Hospital is a leading site for professional medical training in Haiti. Each doctor, nurse, and pharmacist who completes her or his initial medical schooling in Haiti is required to do one year of "Social Service" training at a hospital or medical facility affiliated with the MSPP (Ministry of Health). Every year St. Boniface Hospital accepts 15-20 Social Service trainees for a year of general practice training and service.

In addition to general medical and nursing Residents who come through the Social Services program, SBHF's specialty services in Emergency Medicine, Maternal & Neonatal Health, and Surgery accept Residents who want to continue their training beyond the Social Service year, and specialize in a certain area of medicine. We are proud to partner with Partners in Health's University Hospital at Mirebalais to offer opportunities for their Residents to rotate through St. Boniface Hospital to gain experience in rural medicine.

In addition to formalized Residency programs, SBHF's staff participates in frequent training sessions on a wide variety of topics.

“Many other countries have continued examinations to renew medical licenses, but that’s not the case in Haiti. Training enables our staff to give top-notch care to patients and to respond effectively and quickly to urgent situations. Without training and continued educational opportunities, I would never have learned many new methods and techniques or been up-to-date with current standards of care. That’s not fair to patients. We must continue to learn the best standards of care and apply them in our work everyday.” - Kenide Bien-Aime, Head of Nursing at SBHF

By providing training to Residents and continuing medical education to our permanent staff, SBHF is improving knowledge and the standard of care given by an entire generation of Haitian medical professionals.

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