SBHF upholds a strong commitment to transparency and accountability for the funds that are entrusted to us by individuals and organizations. For information on our activities and successes from past years, please browse through our archive of annual reports--and continue reading to find SBHF's audited financial statements for the past 5+ years.

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2016 changed the landscape that SBHF operates in. When Hurricane Matthew hit our backyard in southern Haiti on October 4th, 2016, the lives of millions of people - and all of our staff and patients - changed forever. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of people from around the world who stepped up to help SBHF's team in Haiti respond to the emergency quickly and effectively, and have stuck with us and the people of southern Haiti for the long term. The hurricane also re-dedicated us to our core mission of providing quality, accessible healthcare to the most vulnerable people - when no one else can. 

Our 2016 Annual Report reflects upon this momentus year, which also saw the opening of our spetacular new Surgical Center just weeks after the storm, and saw us expand our reach with mobile clinics that are providing care to the people hardest hit by the hurricane. It also looks forward, to what your support and that of thousands of others will make possible in the years to come. If you are one of those people, thank you for being a part of this journey with us. And if you have not yet joined our team, we look forward to sharing more about our life-saving and life-changing work with you through this report. 

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SBHF is committed to operating in a manner that puts all money raised to the best possible use in providing high quality care to our patients.

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A full 91¢ of every dollar raised goes directly to providing essential healthcare and other services in Haiti.

For the past ten years we have received Charity Navigator’s highest possible rating, in recognition of our commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency.

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